Minipak builds strong and lasting business relationships to provide the best image for our customer’s products. We are constantly evolving to face the new concepts of clean and sustainable production, which the industry and the customers demand.

Minipak was established on August 3, 1976 with a staff plant composed of 14 people; today we have 400 people who make up a structured team to meet the international demands of both, large multinationals and small businesses, characterized by being a dynamic team, well qualified, with a high level of customer service and excellent reaction times.

  • In Minipak, we all consider the staff as our main resource
    • We offer job stability, which allows our employees to plan and program their future and the one of their family
    • Our staff is hired directly and with all legal benefits
    • Housing is one of our organizational pillars. We offer soft loans to access housing, promoting security and tranquility for our people
    • Our staff strives for excellence, camaraderie, respect and good communication
  • We are interested in the integral development of our employees
    • We invest in their constant training for which we design training and internal career paths
    • We grant scholarships, ranging from high school equivalency to masters degrees to guarantee the personal and academic growth of our team


Minipak assumes the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as a critical development strategy to guarantee the employees welfare, the recognition of their right to organize; the community welfare, the respect and care for the environment and the economic growth that derives from its activity.


We invest heavily in technology, keeping up to date in new alternatives that increase our sustainability, and provide more efficient and safer production methods. We produce:

  • Rigid PVC film
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP)
  • Coextrusion of polyethylene (PE), both 3 and 5 layers
  • Rotogravure up to 10 colors with line lamination
  • Flexographic printing
  • Laminating machines, solvent and solvent-less
  • In-house metallization
  • Valve bag forming machines for industrial applications
  • Complete equipment of cylinders and in-house photopolymers to guarantee the best printed quality
  • Integrated design and pre-press equipment to offer design solutions
  • Laboratories with all the necessary equipment to carry out all the tests of rigor and guarantee the quality of our products
  • SAP as our flagship ERP


We sell locally and currently export more than 60% of our production to more than 30 countries.

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