We are focused on generating the lowest environmental impact and carbon foot-print through the most advanced production processes with a total awareness of our environment. We are the only flexible plant in Colombia that treats 100% of its wastewater. We are pioneers in the following aspects:

  • Reduction of thicknesses, to reduce the weight of packaging per unit
  • Film pigmentation to reduce the ink application
  • Development of sustainable packaging applications, including PLA, and bio and oxo degradable films
  • Volatile emissions reduction


Our growth has been based on compliance with regulatory standards guidelines and certifications. Today we have the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • ISO 14001-2015
  • BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)
  • Food safety, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points.
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) of the Invima
  • Global Compact of the United Nations
  • Environmental recognition of the district authorities PREAD (District Environmental Excellence Program) as an organization at the level: "Environmental Excellence - Generating Sustainable Development"


  • 100% of internal industrial waste is technically managed within the same production chain
  • Through certified managers, all materials that are susceptible to re-use are incorporated into different processes that generate support products
  • In accordance with international environmental legislation, industrial waters are treated to make a discharge to the city's sewer system
  • We recycle all our process supplies


The industrial waters involved in the process go to the industrial water treatment plant where, through controlled unit operations, the contaminants are removed to ensure compliance with the parameters authorized to be discharged into the sewerage system. The operation is audited according to the controls established by the environmental authority.


The remaining solvents are taken to distillation towers to remove the suspended solids and are re-used in various operations, maximizing their use and minimizing the environmental impact.


We handle close relationships with schools, commerce, our surroundings and other industries that are within the interest groups of our community. We have opened the door to training initiatives with the schools in the area and form an integral part of the communities in which we operate and serve.

Education is one of our main pillars and thus we support social programs that benefit different communities such as:

  • The Menorah Foundation, a non-profit organization that benefits the students of Menorah Technical College (girls and adolescents, with limited resources), providing education for a better future
  • W Radio, contributing to all their annual campaigns